Summer Sale Shopping Tips at an Outlet Mall

In the Philippines, summer normally happens near the start of the second quarter and ends sometime near the start of the third quarter of the year. At this time of the year, people often flock to the beach to get some form of respite from work through vacations and outings.Another place that gets a surge in visitors and foot traffic during this time would be the outlet mall.

It goes without saying that summer is also the time when people go shopping to buy clothes and other items that they need to either go to the beach or just adapt to a warmer weather. Of course, if you’re looking to save money or want to make sure that you’re making the right purchase, things can get confusing. This is especially true in the summer when there’s a lot of sales promos going on and social media boasts about the latest trends.

Needless to say, following some of these trends might compromise your finances if left unchecked. Here are a couple of tips you can follow to help you shop for the summer in an outlet mall.

Audit All Your Stuff

In general, you’d want to keep tabs of your belongings. When it comes to summer and in preparation for vacation and outings, these belongings can range from clothes and beach attires, to appliances and swim equipment.

When you do your audit, you get an idea of what items need to be replaced and which ones can still be useful. More or less, this allows you to make more rational choices when shopping since you know which items don’t need to be replaced and which ones you need replacement for.

A perfect example would be if you need to throw out clothes that no longer fit you. Are those pants too big or small for your waist? Has the crop top grown too loose or tight? Should you get another pair of beach flip flops or is the current one you have still functional? These are questions you need to ask yourself when conducting a summer sale audit.

Consider Why You’re Shopping For Summer

As mentioned earlier, there are a myriad of things to do in the summer. Regardless whether you’re a student who’s on your summer vacation or an adult who wants a little rest and relaxation on the beach or some other relevant destination, you’ll always find something to do to get out of the mundane.

In this regard (and after conducting a thorough audit of your belongings), consider what you’re doing for the summer and if you actually need to go shopping. More often than not, you’ll need to go to the outlet mall to buy items that are related to your chosen summer activities. If you’re going to the beach, you’ll need swimwear, equipment like swim goggles and trunks and any other items that are relevant to your reason for the season.

You also need to make sure that you’re not just following the trends because you want to. Consider which ones make practical and financial sense when looking at what’s hot and what’s not in the summer season. For example, obviously a trending jacket would not be used too much during the summer. You can make an exemption for fashionable flip flops because they’re widely used in the Philippines regardless of the season. While it’s true that following trends and your fashion style usually depend on the kind of personality you have, it helps if you think about sustainability and financial wellness when making purchases.

Once you have an idea of what you need, cross-check it with your audit list and ask the same questions.Not only will you be able to save money, you’ll also be able to save up on potential space in your home.

Make A List

The next step you need to take is making a shopping list. Not only does it help you keep track of the items you need to get, it also helps ground you to your purpose of visiting the outlet mall and avoiding unnecessary purchases.

With the pandemic winding down comes a surge of people flocking to the malls. This means that, while it’s safe to assume that a majority of the population is vaccinated, there’s still a risk whenever you go out. So if you are going out shopping, you need to make sure that you get everything you can at a given amount of time.

If it should help, categorize your list by their type and priority. It makes sense to start searching for clothes and beach equipment first. This is because they’re non-perishable and you might not know when these items get sold out. Of course, have food and drink put in the last of the list because some of them might be perishable.

The trick of course to having a list is making sure that you follow it. If you feel like there’s a certain item that you need to get, go back to your summer “why”. If you feel like it’s essential, then by all means purchase it. If you think you can live without it, then you can choose to move to the next items on your list.

Shop In An AWESOME Outlet Mall

While it’s true that summer sales happen across the country, they don’t occur as frequently as they do in Paseo Outlets. Housing over 100 major brands that range from clothing, shoes, bags, furniture and even make-up, Paseo Outlets is the nation’s first and biggest retail destination for shoppers looking for value. So if you’re looking for a place to shop for summer items and beach wear, Paseo Outlets is the place for you.

Of course, if you’re looking towards just hanging out with friends and/ or family, Paseo Outlets’ al fresco setting and sprawling wide development allows you to enjoy your summer vacation. It also holds regular events like Go Kart at Paseo where children and children-at-heart can rent pedal karts at Plaza Regina from 4PM to 8PM and the Kiddie Football at Paseo event that happens thrice a week for children from 3 to 6 years old at Althea Park.

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5 Fun Things To Do With Your Barkada In A Shopping Mall

Shopping malls are a usual destination friends go to in order to bond and build their respective relationships. Whether you’re a middle aged professional who’s looking to reconnect with friends from your younger years or a young student who wants to just take a break from school, the mall is the best place to hang out and chill with the barkada.

It makes sense because it’s practically a comfortable place to be in. Strewn with different products people might like, its air conditioned halls provide not only an optimal place to talk with your associates, but a place you can relax in. Apart from the actual physical structure of the mall itself, there’s also the fact that there are so many activities to do while inside it.

Different groups of people share different sorts of activities and, when it comes to hanging out as friends, the mall offers a myriad of that. Here are a few fun things you can do with your barkada while in a shopping mall.

Have A Scrumptious Meal Together

Filipinos have a propensity of inviting people over for food and drink. This is because eating is considered a social activity. This is when members of a family get to spend time together and find out what’s going on with each others’ lives through conversation. The same can be said when it comes to friends. Whether it’s an oily dish or an ice cold drink, eating together helps grease the cogs of camaraderie and helps people open up to each other.

Paseo Outlets’ has a slew of restaurants you can choose from to bond with your friends. If you and the squad are fans of fast food to help you relive memories of when you were in college, you can visit timeless classics. Jollibee, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Pancake House, Shakey’s, Yellow Cab and Burger King are some of these restaurants you can visit. If you’re looking for a more oriental meal, you can visit Umenoya, Samgyupsalamat, Matgalne, Cafe Breton, Pablo’s Barbacoa, Amare La Cucina and Bonchon. If you’re a fan of good ol’ Filipino Food, you can have lunch or dinner in Kanin Club and Razon’s.

The best thing about Paseo Outlets is that almost all of its dining establishments have an al fresco option. In a time where COVID-19 is still being handled, having the option to eat in an area that’s well-ventilated and safe.

Practice Self-Care

If you’re feeling down and tired after a long week’s work or just in general, you have two options with which to handle it apart from resting. Your first option is to practice self-care, go to a salon or a spa to help relax yourself. Your second option is to call a friend and talk about life in general, vent out on each other about both issues at work and in relationships and the like.

Alternatively, you could do the same and hang out with friends while taking care of yourself. Getting your nails and hair done with friends is the perfect way to relax while knowing that you have a friend by your side. Having your knots untied by a masseuse with companions is a chill way to both bond with them and de-stress.

Handle Chores

Apart from taxation and change, another thing that you can consider constant in this world is the existence of chores. Whether it’s taking care of the laundry or paying bills, so long as you have a house to live in, there will always be a myriad of chores that you need to handle on a regular basis. Most of the time, it’s pretty mundane and more of a hassle,  but given the right company, it could be an enjoyable endeavor.

If you have household chores that you need to handle as an adult, chances are your friends have them too. In this fast-paced world that demands time, being able to multitask is a skill most adults train themselves in from a young age. An example of multitasking would be doing your household chores while hanging out with your friends (who may or may not have household chores).

A long conversation about life and work is great while you handle your laundry matters. Being able to catch up while you pay your bills would be awesome too.

Attend Special Weekend Events

Of course, sometimes as adults the only time you can get a chance to hang out with friends is during the weekends. Occasionally, shopping malls have weekend events that you can partake in and having friends around makes it more entertaining.

Sometimes, these events are hobby-related and can be for niche audiences. Something that you and your friends might have an interest for. But most of the time, these events can be for anyone and just being around familiar faces can give you a fun time.

Do Some Window Shopping

Alternatively, you can do something that most people do in shopping malls: window shop. Being able to do so with friends allows you to not only indulge in your shopping cravings, but also gives you the opportunity to bond with them.

If you normally have a hard time choosing between dresses or clothes, having a friend tell which looks better on you would be very helpful. Of course, you can do the same for them and compliment your friends on how good they would look on either choice.

If you’re shopping for appliances, having a friend recommend and choose which brand is better for purchase would be helpful. It also helps to have someone load that equipment into your car and unload it into your home.

At the end of the day, the fun comes from you and your friends. Regardless of the activities you engage in  and where you have them, being around your companions can help uplift your spirit and prepare you for another work week.

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