OOTD Outlet Shopping at Paseo Outlets

In the olden times, people wear clothes for various reasons, not the least of which is to make sure that they’re protected from the harsh elements that can otherwise compromise their health. As history progresses and as different ideologies are shared and spread across the world, so too do the different kinds of clothing that are worn by nobles and commoners alike. During these times you can tell if someone is nobility simply by looking at the garments they have whereas today, it’s hard to tell if someone of great importance goes outlet shopping because of their otherwise simple clothing.

Back in the day, what one wears is often a symbol of one’s status in life, these days it’s often an expression of oneself. Having tattered jeans often connotes a rebellious side, wearing brightly colored fabrics can mean a brightly colored personality and so on and so forth. Perhaps, it is only in this period of human history that a particular global event has influenced fashion styles.

Over the course of a 2-year pandemic, people from across the globe have struggled to make sense of the new normal. With mostly everyone having restricted access to different commercial establishments without a face mask (and in the Philippines, a face shield), pandemic fashion is mostly composed of whatever it is you have on your closet that’s wearable and still fits you. 

Cut to 2022, where most quarantines and restrictions have been lifted, offices are opening up and working with hybrid schedules, and most people are vaccinated. Where 2020 and 2021 saw casual wear that reflects the work-from-home chaos brought about by the pandemic, 2022 sees a return to relative normalcy. Since everything is slowly coming back to what it once was, there is a sense of celebration and happiness prevalent in fashion trends lately. According to fashion expert, Ionica Abraham Lim, “Fashion in 2022 would be best described as a time for joyful expression.”

Now whether you’re going out with friends or just doing your regular shopping in Paseo Outlets, you have the liberty to express the joys of just being out and about again. So what should you wear while shopping? Here are a few considerations you can make.

Consider Your Facemasks

With COVID-19 prompting the world to purchase face masks to keep people safe from spreading it, it’s safe to say that it’s been a challenge for most people to fully express their fashionista selves. More often than not, functional face masks clash with stylish clothing. Of course, the fashion industry is quick to adapt, releasing new types of face masks that are not only stylish, but also help keep you safe from the dreaded disease.

Apart from getting an expensive designer face mask, you can choose to keep it simple and get the standard one that’s DOH approved. Perhaps the best that you can do is to buy face masks whose colors match your outfits, or vice versa.

Radiate Optimism

What’s the best way to express your joy and gratitude with the pandemic slowly being resolved? Wearing it both on your face and your body as well! 2022 sees a trend in bright colors, handcrafted textures and both digital and organic prints that all represent the light in the dark tunnel that was the COVID-19 pandemic.

So be bold and express your happiness for being free from the 4 walls of quarantine. Wear garments that have neon green, pink, blue, and yellow hues. For men, you can choose to wear sleeveless clothing, multi-colored patterns, cut-out tops, sandals, partywear, shorts and sports jackets. For women, you can wear stripes, minidresses, beachwear, popcorn tops and solar shades. All these clothes emanate a reasonable level of outlandishness and bravado that only an individual who’s been cooped up at home for 2 full years has the burning desire to express.

Casual And Functional

If you’ve been working at home, you’ve probably experienced wearing a formal top whilst wearing nothing but a simple pair of jeans or shorts for your lower torso. That’s understandable because, being in a Zoom or Skype call doesn’t require you to appear in front of your camera with your full body. This level of comfort can be considered an emerging trend when it comes to fashion sense post-pandemic.

What matters most for people these days? Comfort. And while the past few years have seen a rise in the use of tightly-fitted shirts and skinny jeans, perhaps there’s a brief return to more loose and laidback garments. So if you’re going to Paseo Outlets to shop for designer brands amidst an already hot summer, perhaps you can do so in breathable tops, light colored garments that are loose and allow for air to circulate around your body and so on.

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Paseo Outlets: Why It’s Your Ideal Outlet Mall

Whether you’re a student or a working adult, you look forward to the end of Friday for a little break from school and/ or work. For most people, weekends are welcome havens of rest and relaxation after a long work week. Some people go to bars for quick drinks and others go straight home to prepare for their respective Saturdays and Sundays. If there’s a place most people want to hang out in however, it’s the outlet mall.

Full of establishments that provide modern day comforts, malls are great places to hang out with friends, go shopping for clothes and other essentials or just decompress after long work days. Of course, when it comes to whether an outlet mall is regularly frequented or not depends on what it offers its supposed visitors. 

As an example, one of the primary considerations of a mall should be its accessibility. Most of the time, people flock to malls closest to them. Of course, a mall is judged by its features and, the more benefits it has for its customers, the more visitors it gets. Here are a few things that constitute the ideal outlet mall.

A Place For Everyone That’s #OnSaleEveryDay

Different people have different interests, hobbies and ways of spending their respective weekends. The reason why malls are frequented during these times is because, more often than not, they have something for everyone.

Be it a place that provides sanctuary to hobbyists who have the same interests, or just a row of premium brands where people who are after the latest trends in fashion can shop around in, an ideal mall must have something for everyone.

Being home to over 100 international brands that range from clothing, shoes, bags, furniture and even make-up, Paseo Outlets has something for everyone else. If, for example, you’re an athlete and you’re looking for training or running shoes, the Nike Factory Store, Park Outlet, Under Armour and the adidas Outlet Store have a wide array of sports shoes you can choose from. There’s also Timberland, Payless, Fusion and Sperry/ Keds Outlet where you can find all manner of footwear that fits your lifestyle. 

Moving into Greenfield City’s many residential developments and needing to find a place that sells top-notch, quality furniture? Pottery Barn and west elm are waiting to help you with that in Paseo Outlets. Traveling soon and you need a tough but stylish luggage set to house your belongings as you fly? Samsonite’s got you covered.

If you’re riding the latest fashion trends, Paseo Outlets also houses brands like Levi’s Outlet, American Eagle Outfitters and Bench Depot. If you’d like more options in terms of clothing, goods and accessories, you can also check out The Outlets (Gap/ Old Navy/ Banana Republic), 158 Designer’s Blvd and Tutto Moda. If you’re looking to up your eyewear game, Oakley Vault and Sunglasses Haven are great places to start.

As mentioned earlier, the best part about Paseo Outlets is that there’s a sale going on every day. With discounts that range from 20% to 70%, not only will you be indulging your shopping desires, you’ll also save more than usual.

Scenic Development

An important consideration to make when judging if a mall is an excellent place to visit the weekends is how it makes you feel when you enter its premises. Of course, you’d like for a mall to welcome you with a pleasing ambience and an environment that highlights the best that it can offer.

During the weekends, the mall is usually full of people. So you’ll also have to consider how crowded it gets and if there’s still enough space to move around comfortably. Paseo Outlets is located in a sprawling development full of lush fields and open spaces, making it the perfect place to hang out with friends. 

Its wide spaces and al fresco setting makes it the ideal spot for events like Go Kart at Paseo which allows kids and adults to go pedal karting at the Regina Plaza from 4PM to 8PM, and Kiddie Football at Paseo which happens 3 times a week.

A Diverse Dining Experience

For Filipinos, eating is a social activity that allows people to catch up and have conversations that can otherwise be somewhat awkward if there wasn’t food involved. Dining out, specifically, is a wonderful way for families to breathe some fresh air and have some good food after 2 long years of being struck by the pandemic. For friends, it’s an awesome way to spend time with each other and tell stories of what each one was up to during quarantine and afterwards.

As mentioned earlier, different people have tastes for different things. The same can be said when it comes to food. If you’re looking for a myriad of choices that you and your loved ones can select from, Paseo Outlets is the place for you. If you’re a fan of traditional Filipino food, Razon’s and Kanin Club are great restaurants that serve delectable Filipino dishes. If you’re craving for some Korean cuisine, you can choose from Samgyupsalamat, Gohyang and Matgalne Korean Restaurant. If you’re a fan of fast food or are simply in the mood for a quick bite with friends, you can choose to go to Burger King, Kenny Rogers, Shakey’s, Bonchon, Yellow Cab, and of course, Jollibee. 

If you’re craving for freshly-made, oven-cooked pizza, Amare La Cucina is the place for you. If you’re a fan of Japanese food, Umenoya is within the outlet mall’s premises. There’s also Pablo’s Barbacoa and Cafe Breton which serve a number of delicious foods that you and your loved ones can find delightful. Alternatively, if you’re just looking for a place to have coffee or tea, you can choose between Starbucks and Macao Imperial Tea.

With a wide variety of restaurants and other dining destinations to choose from, Paseo Outlets has something for everyone. All you need to do is agree with your family and/ or friends where you’d like to go.

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Summer Sale Shopping Tips at an Outlet Mall

In the Philippines, summer normally happens near the start of the second quarter and ends sometime near the start of the third quarter of the year. At this time of the year, people often flock to the beach to get some form of respite from work through vacations and outings.Another place that gets a surge in visitors and foot traffic during this time would be the outlet mall.

It goes without saying that summer is also the time when people go shopping to buy clothes and other items that they need to either go to the beach or just adapt to a warmer weather. Of course, if you’re looking to save money or want to make sure that you’re making the right purchase, things can get confusing. This is especially true in the summer when there’s a lot of sales promos going on and social media boasts about the latest trends.

Needless to say, following some of these trends might compromise your finances if left unchecked. Here are a couple of tips you can follow to help you shop for the summer in an outlet mall.

Audit All Your Stuff

In general, you’d want to keep tabs of your belongings. When it comes to summer and in preparation for vacation and outings, these belongings can range from clothes and beach attires, to appliances and swim equipment.

When you do your audit, you get an idea of what items need to be replaced and which ones can still be useful. More or less, this allows you to make more rational choices when shopping since you know which items don’t need to be replaced and which ones you need replacement for.

A perfect example would be if you need to throw out clothes that no longer fit you. Are those pants too big or small for your waist? Has the crop top grown too loose or tight? Should you get another pair of beach flip flops or is the current one you have still functional? These are questions you need to ask yourself when conducting a summer sale audit.

Consider Why You’re Shopping For Summer

As mentioned earlier, there are a myriad of things to do in the summer. Regardless whether you’re a student who’s on your summer vacation or an adult who wants a little rest and relaxation on the beach or some other relevant destination, you’ll always find something to do to get out of the mundane.

In this regard (and after conducting a thorough audit of your belongings), consider what you’re doing for the summer and if you actually need to go shopping. More often than not, you’ll need to go to the outlet mall to buy items that are related to your chosen summer activities. If you’re going to the beach, you’ll need swimwear, equipment like swim goggles and trunks and any other items that are relevant to your reason for the season.

You also need to make sure that you’re not just following the trends because you want to. Consider which ones make practical and financial sense when looking at what’s hot and what’s not in the summer season. For example, obviously a trending jacket would not be used too much during the summer. You can make an exemption for fashionable flip flops because they’re widely used in the Philippines regardless of the season. While it’s true that following trends and your fashion style usually depend on the kind of personality you have, it helps if you think about sustainability and financial wellness when making purchases.

Once you have an idea of what you need, cross-check it with your audit list and ask the same questions.Not only will you be able to save money, you’ll also be able to save up on potential space in your home.

Make A List

The next step you need to take is making a shopping list. Not only does it help you keep track of the items you need to get, it also helps ground you to your purpose of visiting the outlet mall and avoiding unnecessary purchases.

With the pandemic winding down comes a surge of people flocking to the malls. This means that, while it’s safe to assume that a majority of the population is vaccinated, there’s still a risk whenever you go out. So if you are going out shopping, you need to make sure that you get everything you can at a given amount of time.

If it should help, categorize your list by their type and priority. It makes sense to start searching for clothes and beach equipment first. This is because they’re non-perishable and you might not know when these items get sold out. Of course, have food and drink put in the last of the list because some of them might be perishable.

The trick of course to having a list is making sure that you follow it. If you feel like there’s a certain item that you need to get, go back to your summer “why”. If you feel like it’s essential, then by all means purchase it. If you think you can live without it, then you can choose to move to the next items on your list.

Shop In An AWESOME Outlet Mall

While it’s true that summer sales happen across the country, they don’t occur as frequently as they do in Paseo Outlets. Housing over 100 major brands that range from clothing, shoes, bags, furniture and even make-up, Paseo Outlets is the nation’s first and biggest retail destination for shoppers looking for value. So if you’re looking for a place to shop for summer items and beach wear, Paseo Outlets is the place for you.

Of course, if you’re looking towards just hanging out with friends and/ or family, Paseo Outlets’ al fresco setting and sprawling wide development allows you to enjoy your summer vacation. It also holds regular events like Go Kart at Paseo where children and children-at-heart can rent pedal karts at Plaza Regina from 4PM to 8PM and the Kiddie Football at Paseo event that happens thrice a week for children from 3 to 6 years old at Althea Park.

If you want more information regarding Paseo Outlets, feel free to visit this page: https://www.paseooutlets.com.ph/. For updates, you can follow the Paseo Outlets Facebook and Instagram Pages: https://www.facebook.com/paseooutletsgreenfieldcity/ and https://www.instagram.com/paseooutlets/. You can also join its official Viber Community


5 Fun Things To Do With Your Barkada In A Shopping Mall

Shopping malls are a usual destination friends go to in order to bond and build their respective relationships. Whether you’re a middle aged professional who’s looking to reconnect with friends from your younger years or a young student who wants to just take a break from school, the mall is the best place to hang out and chill with the barkada.

It makes sense because it’s practically a comfortable place to be in. Strewn with different products people might like, its air conditioned halls provide not only an optimal place to talk with your associates, but a place you can relax in. Apart from the actual physical structure of the mall itself, there’s also the fact that there are so many activities to do while inside it.

Different groups of people share different sorts of activities and, when it comes to hanging out as friends, the mall offers a myriad of that. Here are a few fun things you can do with your barkada while in a shopping mall.

Have A Scrumptious Meal Together

Filipinos have a propensity of inviting people over for food and drink. This is because eating is considered a social activity. This is when members of a family get to spend time together and find out what’s going on with each others’ lives through conversation. The same can be said when it comes to friends. Whether it’s an oily dish or an ice cold drink, eating together helps grease the cogs of camaraderie and helps people open up to each other.

Paseo Outlets’ has a slew of restaurants you can choose from to bond with your friends. If you and the squad are fans of fast food to help you relive memories of when you were in college, you can visit timeless classics. Jollibee, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Pancake House, Shakey’s, Yellow Cab and Burger King are some of these restaurants you can visit. If you’re looking for a more oriental meal, you can visit Umenoya, Samgyupsalamat, Matgalne, Cafe Breton, Pablo’s Barbacoa, Amare La Cucina and Bonchon. If you’re a fan of good ol’ Filipino Food, you can have lunch or dinner in Kanin Club and Razon’s.

The best thing about Paseo Outlets is that almost all of its dining establishments have an al fresco option. In a time where COVID-19 is still being handled, having the option to eat in an area that’s well-ventilated and safe.

Practice Self-Care

If you’re feeling down and tired after a long week’s work or just in general, you have two options with which to handle it apart from resting. Your first option is to practice self-care, go to a salon or a spa to help relax yourself. Your second option is to call a friend and talk about life in general, vent out on each other about both issues at work and in relationships and the like.

Alternatively, you could do the same and hang out with friends while taking care of yourself. Getting your nails and hair done with friends is the perfect way to relax while knowing that you have a friend by your side. Having your knots untied by a masseuse with companions is a chill way to both bond with them and de-stress.

Handle Chores

Apart from taxation and change, another thing that you can consider constant in this world is the existence of chores. Whether it’s taking care of the laundry or paying bills, so long as you have a house to live in, there will always be a myriad of chores that you need to handle on a regular basis. Most of the time, it’s pretty mundane and more of a hassle,  but given the right company, it could be an enjoyable endeavor.

If you have household chores that you need to handle as an adult, chances are your friends have them too. In this fast-paced world that demands time, being able to multitask is a skill most adults train themselves in from a young age. An example of multitasking would be doing your household chores while hanging out with your friends (who may or may not have household chores).

A long conversation about life and work is great while you handle your laundry matters. Being able to catch up while you pay your bills would be awesome too.

Attend Special Weekend Events

Of course, sometimes as adults the only time you can get a chance to hang out with friends is during the weekends. Occasionally, shopping malls have weekend events that you can partake in and having friends around makes it more entertaining.

Sometimes, these events are hobby-related and can be for niche audiences. Something that you and your friends might have an interest for. But most of the time, these events can be for anyone and just being around familiar faces can give you a fun time.

Do Some Window Shopping

Alternatively, you can do something that most people do in shopping malls: window shop. Being able to do so with friends allows you to not only indulge in your shopping cravings, but also gives you the opportunity to bond with them.

If you normally have a hard time choosing between dresses or clothes, having a friend tell which looks better on you would be very helpful. Of course, you can do the same for them and compliment your friends on how good they would look on either choice.

If you’re shopping for appliances, having a friend recommend and choose which brand is better for purchase would be helpful. It also helps to have someone load that equipment into your car and unload it into your home.

At the end of the day, the fun comes from you and your friends. Regardless of the activities you engage in  and where you have them, being around your companions can help uplift your spirit and prepare you for another work week.

If you want more information regarding Paseo Outlets, feel free to visit this page: https://www.paseooutlets.com.ph/. For updates, follow the Paseo Outlets Facebook and Instagram Pages: https://www.facebook.com/paseooutletsgreenfieldcity/ and https://www.instagram.com/paseooutlets/. You can also join its official Viber Community


Why Paseo Outlets Is Your Weekend Lifestyle Mall Destination

Whether it’s because of great religious significance or for more pragmatic reasons, weekends are considered sacred by most individuals.  This is because they are special days when you can finally get a breather from the rigors of work and/ or school. This is why most professionals look forward to the weekends and why company departments plan their respective outings and team building activities around these days.

More importantly, weekends are when you can catch up with your different hobbies and passions. For others, it’s a quick overnight stay on the beach or a long but reflective hike in the mountains. For some, it’s just a leisurely trip to some weekend lifestyle mall where they can indulge in either a shopping spree or just hanging out with friends.

Regardless of the reason, your choice of a lifestyle outlet mall matters as it will mostly dictate your overall experience of the weekend. In this regard, Paseo Outlets is definitely your go-to destination. Here are a few reasons why that’s the case.

Wide Open Spaces With Al Fresco Atmosphere

With the COVID-19 pandemic slowly winding down, people are starting to flock back to several public places. That’s why it’s important to maintain the social distancing rule in order to protect yourself and others from catching the dreaded virus. That being said, it can be difficult if the shopping mall you frequent has narrow hallways and potentially poor ventilation.

The solution? Find one that offers wide open spaces and always offers an al fresco atmosphere. If you’re looking for a mall that can help protect you from the COVID-19 virus while giving you enough space to walk around and enjoy the company of friends, you need look no further than Paseo Outlets.

Always On Sale

Occasionally, you encounter discounts for your most favorite brands and products in most shopping malls. For some people, it’s a thrill to find a pair of shoes or a bag that costs significantly less than its original price. If you’re one of these people, you probably feel like the sale season in most malls is a lot like Christmas.

Now imagine having the same kind of discount high every single day of the year. With Paseo Outlets, that’s completely possible. With discount offers that range from 20% to 70% off for different brands on a daily basis, it’s paradise for both bargain hunters and hardcore brand ambassadors. Since it houses over a hundred fifty international brands from clothing, shoes, bags, furniture and luggage, there’s a big chance you’ll find a discounted item.

Safe And Sound Dining Selections

For most people, eating is a social activity that allows individuals to get to know each other better. It allows friends to catch up with each other (especially after a long, 2-year pandemic) and it allows family members to celebrate milestones like birthdays or professional promotions.

In any case, given how the pandemic has transformed how the world works, you need to take caution whenever you eat out. It’s important for a restaurant to have an al fresco option for added ventilation and for it to be big enough to house a limited number of people while following social distancing.

Luckily, considering how Paseo Outlets is built to have sprawling lush spaces and an al fresco atmosphere, this is all possible. Apart from that, there are a myriad of culinary choices to select from. If you’re craving for delicious Filipino food, Razon’s, and Kanin Club are great options to dine into. If you have a taste for Korean cuisine, there’s Gohyang, Matgalne Korean Restaurant and Samgyupsalamat. If you’re on the go and are a fan of fast food, there is Jollibee, Yellow Cab, Burger King, Shaky’s Bon Chon and Kenny Rogers to sate your fast-paced hunger. Lastly, if you prefer to just have a coffee or tea drink with your bestie/s, there are Starbucks and Macao Imperial Tea to choose from. There’s also Umenoya, Pablo’s Barbacoa, Amare La Cucina and Cafe Breton which offer a different kind of cuisine.. 

If you’re looking for the best weekend lifestyle mall destination, you need look no further than Paseo Outlets, Greenfield City, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. This sprawling outlet mall is great to spend time in with your family and friends over the weekend.

If you’d like to learn more about Paseo Outlets, visit this web page: https://www.paseooutlets.com.ph/about-us/. You can also stay updated by following these social media pages: https://www.facebook.com/paseooutletsgreenfieldcity/, https://www.instagram.com/paseooutlets/ and its Viber Community.

How to Be Environmentally Conscious While Outlet Shopping

The world is gradually changing and, according to most scientists, not for the better. Climate change in itself is a serious problem that the world is facing and, unfortunately, it’s not high on the list of the international community’s priorities. The consequences of this man-made phenomenon is already being felt throughout the world and, in the Philippines, through stronger storms whose frequency appears to have increased over the past few years.

Fortunately however, there is hope and it lies in every single one of this world’s inhabitants. You have the power to help stave off the cataclysmic effect of climate change. All you need to do is become aware of how the environment is doing and taking a more eco-friendly approach towards everything.

This environmentalist lifestyle applies to everything from the products you choose to use down to the food you eat. It even applies to when you go outlet shopping in your nearest commercial center. In lieu of this, here are a few things to stay environmentally conscious when you’re out shopping.

Start Being Aware

The adage goes, “You can’t improve on something if you can’t measure it”. The same can be said when trying to establish and maintain a green lifestyle. If you’re not reducing your carbon footprint, you’re not necessarily putting in the effort to help save the planet.

For a more basic approach, just have an audit of the amount of plastics, fuel and other potential waste products and track their usage each month. If you’re steadily lowering the use of these materials, you’re successfully helping the environment. If you want a more detailed audit and have a more nuanced presentation of data concerning your consumption of these materials, you can also use a Carbon Footprint Calculator to compare averages.

Schedule Your Trips To The Outlet Mall

Keep in mind that whenever you go to your outlet mall of choice, you leave a sizable amount of carbon footprint behind. From the time you drive your car to the mall up to when you drive back home, there’s going to be emission to be had. There’s also the possibility of creating more waste whenever you eat out or if you choose to dispose of plastics irresponsibly.

A time-proven method to avoid this is to simply prepare for a shopping trip and schedule ahead. While it’s okay to have an impromptu shopping spree every now and then, planning one is more sustainable and responsible. A healthy shopping schedule is one that’s done twice per month to 1) replenish food supplies through grocery shopping and 2) buying necessary items like clothes, furniture and/even premium brand items.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean

When you’re in the premises of your favored outlet mall, it’s important to keep your surroundings clean. That means that every disposable item you have on you (a drinking cup from a coffee shop, crumpled and used tissue paper and random plastic used to wrap an item) should be disposed of properly in the appropriate receptacle.

If you see the same items littered on the floor, throw them into the trash can yourself. Alternatively, you can contact a maintenance person to help dispose of them properly. One way to encourage a wrong practice is not to call any attention to it so If there’s any way you can call people out for not following this simple rule, go ahead and do so. 

Utilize Reusable Bags

There’s a very practical reason behind reusable plastic bags. It saves money on the part of the grocery store or outlet mall and, at the same time, it saves the environment. Statistically speaking, using reusable bags saves you from having to use 100 to 700 plastic bags per year, making a huge impact on your carbon footprint.

Whenever you go out for groceries or for shopping, make sure to get reusable bags. Not only are they great for keeping your carbon footprint low and directly helping the environment, they’re also convenient because you won’t have to worry about how you can dispose of them. In some grocery stores, there are cashiers that specifically cater to those who have reusable bags.

Purchase Ecologically-Friendly Items

When adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle, you have to be aware of what contributes to the degradation of the planet’s health and how to stop it. In a manner of speaking, you always have to choose products that support the concept of sustainability and environmentalism.

For example, choosing organic and freshly-picked produce doesn’t only help in keeping you and your family healthy. It also helps lessen carbon footprint by both you and the store that you bought it from since it isn’t wrapped in plastic or encased in styrofoam. Going to your local farmers’ or weekend market is a great way to get organic and/ or fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you’re looking for an outlet shopping mall that reminds you why the environment needs to be protected because of its sprawling green spaces and al fresco setting, Paseo Outlets is the place for you. Housing roughly a hundred local and international brands that range from clothing, shoes, bags, furniture and luggage and many more.

Feel free to visit this web page if you want more information: https://www.paseooutlets.com.ph/. You can also follow their social pages at https://www.facebook.com/paseooutletsgreenfieldcity/, https://www.instagram.com/paseooutlets/, and its Viber Community to get real time updates and notifications.

Getting the Best Deals in an Outlet Mall

Considering the devastating impact of the pandemic on the global economy, it goes without saying that tightening your purse is a wise thing to do. This doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t enjoy the fruits of your labor and stop going shopping. You can still go to your favorite outlet mall and purchase items from your favorite retail stores but, especially these days, you have to do it wisely.

In this specific case, overspending is the enemy and thriftiness is the ally. Of course, spending wisely involves more than just avoiding buying items that you don’t particularly need. One very important tactic you can consider is to find discounts and sales promos in an outlet mall. Here are a few tips you need to remember when looking for the best deals in your favorite retail locations.

Do Some Research

Whenever you fancy an item from a store like a designer bag or a pair of sturdy running shoes, it’s best to take a quick look at the quality of these items. Of course, a large part of reviewing its quality is purchasing it. But given that you’re trying to save more money, it makes sense to look at other people’s reviews of the item.

Take a look at its reviews from online merchants like Lazada or Shoppee. See how consumers rate it and make a judgment call. If the item is in a local retail store, pay a quick visit and check its quality. If it’s something that you can fit (like shoes or clothes), see if you’re comfortable with it.

After doing this thorough review, you can go ahead and purchase it. If however you feel like it’s too expensive, you can just go ahead and forego the item or just wait for a sale.

Follow Online Forums And Facebook Groups

Apart from online merchants and shopping apps, you can also utilize other places on the Internet for research purposes. Online forums and Facebook groups are great sources of reviews and opinions on released products and established brands.

There exist communities online that revolve around different products and can become excellent sources of review information. All you need to do is type in the name of a brand (or something more common like “running shoes” or “designer bags”) in the Facebook Search bar and click on the Group options in the left side of the search results screen. You can do the same with Google except it mostly caters to forums and Reddit groups. Afterwards, you just need to look through the posts and see if the questions being asked are the same ones you have to verify if it’s a group worth joining and investing time in.

Stay Updated With Discounts And Promos

When it comes to waiting for sales and promos that will help you make the most out of your purchase, nothing helps you more than the brands themselves. So it makes sense to keep track of whatever news or releases they have that you can take advantage of.

The first thing you can do is to follow these brands on social media. Normally, brands publish updates about their products or services on a regular basis. These updates may include sales promos, discounts and other several events that can help you save money and, at the same time, get the products you want.

You can also follow the social media pages of local outlet malls and retail stores. Apart from publishing branch-related events, they also publish dates of sales promotions and discount deals for their retail partners.

The secret to getting more exclusive deals though is by signing up to their respective Newsletters. Not only will you be getting regular updates on their events and offerings, you also get deals and sales promos that might otherwise be missed in social media.

Find The Right Outlet Mall

Of course, while the Internet is a very valuable asset to have when looking for reviews about items you’d like to buy, it only comes second to being in the physical store itself. After all, you get to touch and fit these products for yourself, giving you a more first-person experience that only you yourself can judge accurately. 

Even better if the outlet mall you frequent during the weekends always has a sale going on. Enter Paseo Outlets, the Philippines biggest and most prestigious retail destination developed by Greenfield Development Corporation. With sales and discount promos going on everyday that range from 20% to 70%, you’re bound to find a good deal for clothing, shoes, bags, furniture, luggage and much more. 

If you want to keep yourself updated for special deals, events concerning sales and the like, follow their social pages at https://www.facebook.com/paseooutletsgreenfieldcity/ and https://www.instagram.com/paseooutlets/. You can also follow its Viber Community to get real time updates and notifications of these events.

Shopping Mall Tips: How To Make Your Shopping Experience Stress and Hassle-Free

To some people, shopping is a form of therapy. Apart from making them feel better, shopping is a way for them to just de-stress. For others, shopping can be particularly tiresome given the right circumstances. These circumstances include having to travel to and from different shops and stores while comparing prices, having to wait several hours in a queue to just view an item or check it out and/ or having to deal with high prices. There’s also the pandemic to worry about with different variants  of COVID-19 appearing every now and then. Having to take drastic measures to keep yourself and your family safe from an infection is also another consideration you need to make.

While it’s true that shopping can be done online, there are times when it needs to be done offline. For instance, there are some deals and discounts that can only be acquired by being in the mall physically. When it comes to shoes or clothes too, it’s practically better to be in the physical store as opposed to buying online because it makes sense to see  if they fit you just right rather than just base it off what you saw in your phone or a computer monitor. So it can’t be helped that sometimes you might encounter some of the circumstances mentioned above.

It doesn’t have to be tiresome; however, so long as you have a game plan in place for when you go shopping. Here are a few shopping mall tips you can do to have a hassle-free experience.

Make A List

The reason why some people find shopping to be particularly time-consuming is that they don’t necessarily have a clearly established purpose for it. Alternatively, they might have a reason for being there, but it’s vague enough that it’s easy for them to get distracted. 

If you’re someone who understands this sentiment when it comes to shopping, chances are you’ve experienced the above or you have a list that you don’t consistently follow. The trick is to create a comprehensive list with a specific budget per item and to strictly follow it.

When making this list, prioritize what you need and put your wants at the bottom. For example, food and drink should definitely be on top followed by work and home clothes. Designer brands can go on the list as well but as much as possible, only if there’s a special event coming up like a birthday or Christmas.

This list should be a guide that you follow to the letter. You’ll keep track of both your budget and your purpose of being in the mall.

Do Your Research

Before making that list, it might make sense to do your research on the items you wish to purchase. Choosing between two items that are of the same value and may or may not have the same qualities you’re looking for might take up a lot of time and can be considered a hassle. This is where online shopping might come into play. Look at reviews and see what comments have to say about these items and make a choice of what to put on your shopping list.

Research isn’t limited to the shopping items however. It should also be done on the area that you plan to shop in and the amount of traffic you can potentially encounter along the way. That way, you’re able to set your expectations on when you’ll get to the shopping mall and be able to tell where’s the best place to hang out after shopping. 

Stay Safe And Alert

Safety and security is an important factor to consider when you’re going out shopping. While it’s true that the best shopping malls have good security, there are still many external threats that need to be considered when outside. You need to stay alert and vigilant whenever you’re out and about in a shopping mall.

Firstly, carry valuables close to you and make sure that your bags and purses are closed whenever you travel in and out of the mall. Make sure too that you have emergency numbers ready on your phone or mentally memorized in case of emergency. Lastly, while not necessary, have pepper spray or any defense mechanism in your purse or bag.

Another form of external threat (and probably more relevant these days) would be COVID-19. When protecting yourself from this threat, you need to 1) get vaccinated and 2) follow safety guidelines and protocols. Do your best to practice social distancing where other people don’t and, as much as possible, follow pathways that provide optimal foot traffic for people in the mall. At the end of the day, follow the rules and protocol and you should be able to avoid the disease.


Find Your Outlet Mall


Your shopping experience can easily be dictated by the kind of mall you frequent. If your mall is the usual kind with high prices and high traffic, then it’s probably going to give you a bad experience. However, if you happen to find the right kind of mall that’s both accessible, safe and always has a sale, then it’s probably something you look forward to going to every weekend.


Enter Paseo Outlets, Greenfield’s very own outlet shopping mall located in Sta Rosa Laguna. Housing over a hundred premium international brands, it’s considered a prime retail destination for people across the region. Because of its wide open space and al fresco atmosphere, it is considered an ideal location for outdoor events like the weekend market and seasonal activities. So if you’re looking for the ideal shopping mall that’s going to consistently give you a good shopping experience, consider visiting Paseo Outlets.

If you want to keep yourself updated, follow their social pages at https://www.facebook.com/paseooutletsgreenfieldcity/, https://www.instagram.com/paseooutlets/ and its Viber Community

3 Shopping Mall Hacks You Should Learn In 2022

A popular New Year’s Resolution people have on their list is spending less to save more. While it’s an admirable resolution to have, it’s one of the most difficult ones to accomplish. Of course, sometimes it can’t be helped. You can find yourself in the shopping mall alone with friends and if you don’t have techniques or strategies to avoid overspending, you might find yourself splurging.

While it might seem like a daunting resolution, being more thrifty this 2022 isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Given the proper techniques and life hacks, you’ll be able to fulfill your New Year’s Resolutions of saving more money this year. Here are a few examples of shopping mall hacks that you can use to help you spend less this year.

Start Proper Budgeting

When it all comes down to it, spending less and saving more comes down to proper budgeting. Start by creating a personal budget of your own and then making sure that you follow it. Basic budgeting starts with you noting your personal income. Jutting this down on paper gives you an idea of how much you are able to work with in terms of spending. You need to list down two kinds of expenses: 1) fixed expenses and 2) variable expenses.

Fixed expenses are your monthly bills, your electricity, your water, your rent and the like. Basically, these are the kinds of expenses you can’t normally cut down on. Variable expenses are those that you have a level of control over how much of your income goes to. Groceries, gas, entertainment and the like are forms of variable expenses.

Budgets are made for the sole purpose of you keeping track of your financial status. So if your goal this year is to spend less and/ or save more, it’s important to lessen expenses or keep your variable expenses to a minimum.

Start Using Shopping Lists

When it comes to shopping in a grocery or a mall, the trick to saving more money is to have a premade list that you can follow. By sticking to this shopping list, you’re not distracted by thoughts of whether you should get a certain item or not. This, thereby, helps you avoid unplanned spending and helps you stick to your intentions of going to the grocery or shopping mall.

Sticking to your shopping list doesn’t only help you save money, it helps save you time as well. Having a defined list of items gives you a sense of direction than not having any will make you go to the mall on a repeated basis. Lastly, having a shopping list helps you stick to your budget. By following your shopping list, you get to spend only the allocated budget you set aside for that certain shopping day.

Stay Updated With Outlet Mall Discounts

Whether it’s through announcements made through advertisements or just posts in social media, keeping yourself updated in outlet mall-wide discounts can help you save more money. It also helps to shop in a place that’s known to have regular promos and sales.

As an example, Paseo Outlets has sales and discount promos for as low as 20% to 80% off on an almost daily basis and depending on the season. Imagine getting the best retail offers on a regular basis and how much money you can potentially save for the entire year.

At the end of the day, being able to fulfill your New Years’ Resolutions is up to you. But given the following strategies, it can be relatively simpler than it should be.

Outlet Shopping Date on Valentine’s Day

Whether it’s to rekindle the spark between you and your partner or just something to remind yourselves what it means to be committed to each other, Valentines’ Day is meant to be celebrated by both of you.

While it might seem daunting at first, making Valentine’s Day special for yourself and your partner can be a relatively fun and fulfilling affair. You just need to keep in mind that this day is for both your partner and yourself to enjoy. Here are a couple of things you can do while on an outlet shopping date with your partner on Valentines’ Day.

Have A Candle-Lit Dinner

There’s something special about intimate dinners lit by candles. For one, it’s probably how you and your significant other started dating. Another, eating is considered a social activity, hence, you get to bond and converse with your partner.

But even though it seems cliche, just having dinner with your partner on Valentine’s Day sends a message that you’re consistent. Just like how love isn’t always a first sight kind of thing and how it’s supposed to actually be a thing that’s nourished and maintained. Apart from that, you’re taking time for your partner which, in this fast-paced world, means a lot. So whether it’s lit by candles or just your typical LED lighting fixture, a hearty and intimate dinner with your partner will always be special. 

Of course, it’s important to ask your partner where he or she wants to eat. If you have an idea and want to surprise him or her, just make a reservation so you don’t have to wait in line if it’s a popular restaurant.

Paseo Outlets has a slew of dining options available that you might find particularly suited for your taste. If you’re craving for pizza and pasta, there’s Amare La Cucina where they serve fresh oven-baked pizzas and the like. If you’re looking for an authentic Japanese dining experience, there’s the Umenoya Japanese restaurant. There’s Samgyupsalamat, Gohyang and Matgalne for a little bit of Korean cuisine. In case you want to eat delicious traditional Filipino food, there’s Razon’s restaurant and the Kanin Club.

Watch A Movie Together

While it’s true that watching a movie together as a couple might sound cliche, it’s important to remember that it’s actually a good bonding experience. Apart from having to enjoy the film itself, you can share your thoughts and feelings afterwards.

Of course, given the pandemic situation, some outlet malls might not have their cinemas open so you can opt to just watch from the comfort of your own home.

Buy Each Other Gifts

What’s one of the more common things you can do in an outlet shopping mall? Shop, of course! In the spirit of Valentine’s’ Day, you can shop as a couple and give each other gifts selected by your significant other.

Given that it’s Valentine’s Day, there’s bound to be a sale or promo for items that involve couples. However, if you’re not into buying couple shirts or the like, you can always opt to buy premium clothes, bags and shoes for your partner in Paseo Outlets.

It houses over a hundred or so premium international brands from clothing, shoes, bags, furniture and luggage. The best thing about it is that there’s ALWAYS a sale going on in Paseo Outlets. With discounts that run from 20% to 70% off in some shops, you can always be sure that there’s a deal waiting for you and your partner, especially on Valentines’ Day.

Plan A Moment With Each Other

Maybe after shopping or before a hearty dinner, you can stroll across the outlet shopping mall and talk. It doesn’t have to be special, nor does it have to be a serious and maybe life-changing conversation. Sometimes just being with each other and being in the moment is all that counts when it’s Valentine’s Day.

Of course, if you want to have that conversation with your partner and he or she is willing, it’d be great to have that in an otherwise scenic location with lush greenery. Paseo Outlets has wide open spaces and an al fresco atmosphere where you can privately converse or, in case you’ve planned it, propose. 

Whichever activity you choose to have on Valentines’ Day, remember that it’s about you and your partner’s celebration of your romantic relationship. It doesn’t always have to be grand nor special, but it helps if it is.