Finding the Best Deals in an Outlet Mall

After a long and stressful week of tireless work, sometimes you just want to find a way to relax. Shopping sprees are always such an enjoyable way to unwind. While browsing through several aisles of shoes and sorting through racks filled with clothes, there will always be a satisfying feeling that comes with finding the perfect item to purchase for you. However, a wise shopper will always try to find a way to make the most out of every purchase. How do they do this? They can do so by looking for the best deals and sales. This is where an outlet mall comes in. 

An outlet mall is a large establishment where its multiple outlet stores provide designer products to customers with the price that manufacturers often offer their retailers. In comparison to other shopping malls, customers are guaranteed to browse and purchase products at a more discounted price that are sure to save them a lot of money. 

However, with the amount of discounts and sales that stores in an outlet mall may offer, it might come to be overwhelming to some. Some people may not know how to try and make the most out of the discounted prices each store might have for them. Not everyone is experienced enough to know the best way to maximize the prices they may offer, after all. Lucky for you, finding the best deals in order to make the most out of your money in an outlet mall is easy when you have a proper guide.

List Down What You Want To Buy

Before heading out for your shopping spree, try to jolt down the kind of products you would like to purchase. Whether it is a new bag for your fashionista mother, a tennis racket for your athletic brother, or even just a new pair of shoes for yourself, write it down on a notepad or just the notes app on your phone. This will be a huge help when you go shopping. It is because when you do not list down the type of products you are planning to buy, chances are that you will end up either looking through the aisles for hours upon hours without a single clue about what you really want to buy or buying everything that you would find enticing once you lay your eyes upon it. Having a shopping list to follow through allows you to utilize your time and energy (as well as your money) once you go to the outlet stores to shop. 

Search For The Original Prices Online

Once you know what kind of products you want to purchase, the next thing to do in order to fully maximize the best deal an outlet store may offer is to search for their original prices online. Go through the websites that display the prices of those items and take note of how much they cost. Do not be afraid to differentiate the prices of various brands. Searching for the original price of these items will help you make sure that you will be able to know how much you are saving with the discounted price at the outlet store. With the varying range of discounts and sales they may offer, you will have an idea if you are getting the most out of your money when you come to purchase a product. 

Set A Budget

Now that you know what you want to buy and know how much they originally cost, it is time to set a certain limit to the amount of money that you will spend in shopping. Most of the time, people end up not planning more about their expenditure limits. Inevitably, they end up spending a lot on their shopping sprees to the point that they may not have much left saved. Setting a budget for yourself with the list that you made will help you save more for your future endeavors–even for future shopping sprees. You can try to plan your budget based on the previous steps you made while also adding a little extra, just in case you find something that you really like that is not on your list. 

Shop, Shop, Shop!

Now, it is time to shop! Go over your list and enjoy the shopping spree as you go through the many aisles and shelves to purchase all the products you intended to buy. Feel the delight that comes with knowing just how much you are saving as you are spending. While you scour through them, it is inevitable to find something that catches your eye that is not originally a part of your list, of course. Should you ignore it completely and stick to what you have already planned or try to see if it can still fit in your budget with the extra money you added? The choice is completely up to you. After all, with a lot of discounts and deals within your reach, who knows just what kind of treasures you will find?

With all of these in mind, one might start to think where they can put this new found knowledge into good use. Looking for the right place to shop for products where you can be able to save a lot of money while also being assured of the high quality of items is still something you should think about. The perfect outlet mall to go for the best shopping deals and discounts is Paseo Outlets. 

As the pioneer and biggest retail outlet destination in the country, Paseo Outlets provides shoppers a unique and genuine experience of value shopping. Customers would be thrilled with the massive amount of savings they will get from shopping in various outlet stores that offer discounts and more. With their #OnSaleEveryDay feature, Paseo Outlets have sales that occur every single day of the week. The discounts range from 20% up to 70%, depending on the outlet store. These deals are sure to give shoppers a wide variety of products to choose from while still managing to save them a lot of money. 

Currently, they carry over 100 international brands of designer bags, shoes, apparel, and many more which are guaranteed to have a high quality at a lesser price. These brands/stores are:

  • 158 Designers Blvd
  • Adidas Outlet Store
  • American Eagle Outfitters
  • Bench Depot
  • Brand Smart
  • Crocs Outlet
  • F & F
  • Fusion Outlet
  • Giordano Outlet
  • Levi’s Outlet
  • Marks and Spencer Outlet
  • Nike Factory Store
  • Oakley Vault
  • Park Outlet
  • Payless
  • Pottery Barn
  • Samsonite Outlet
  • Speedo Outlet
  • Sperry/Keds Outlet
  • Sunglass Haven
  • The Outlet (Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy)
  • Timberland Outlet
  • Time Collection
  • Tutto Moda
  • Under Armour Outlet
  • USDS Outlet
  • west elm

Going on shopping sprees does not automatically mean that it will be a pricey endeavor. It pays a lot to know how one can make the most out of the shopping experience through finding the best deals and discounts there are. Knowing just the right place to find these can help boost your satisfaction in shopping for high quality products even more. 

If you want more information about Paseo Outlets, feel free to visit them at their website: You can also follow them on their Facebook page at and on their Instagram page at for updates. You may also join them on their Viber Community to get updates straight to your phone. 


What’s in A Deal? Finding the Best Value In A Shopping Mall

To a lot of customers, shopping is one of the most effective ways to unwind after a stressful workday or workweek. There is just a lot of joy and satisfaction to unpack with the sensation of finding something that you would like to own. Perhaps it could be a new pair of high heels or a sparkly purse on either a shelf or an aisle. There is a thrilling notion that comes with the fact that you can purchase it so you can take it home with you to add to your closet. With a single purchase of items that have caught your eye, you are quite certain that retail therapy has surely lived up to its name. However, it is clear as day that the allure of shopping comes with the daunting call of the unknown–the overall sum of what you have purchased, printed on a long piece of paper. 

However, that does not have to be the case. Feeling down right after seeing a staggeringly large number on the receipt that indicates how much you have spent does not have to be what follows after a therapeutic time of shopping. There is still a way for shoppers to come and save a lot of money while shopping in their favorite malls. Here are just a few ways where they can do so:

Make a Shopping List

They say before you do anything in life, it pays a lot to plan ahead. While not everything may go according to plan, you can still never go wrong with a good old shopping list. Of course, when it comes to shopping, one of the thrilling aspects of it is that you can be surprised by whatever knickknack you can find. However, it still is pretty handy to know what you would like to see beforehand just so you can be able to go over and plan things accordingly. It is completely up to you how short or how long you would like your shopping list to be. After all, you can be shopping for yourself, your parents, your siblings, your loved ones–for anyone, really. Although, even with a full list, keeping your options open is also a pretty good idea to have in mind since you never know just what you will find. 

Compare Prices

Let’s say your shopping list has the words “bag”, “high heels”, “purse”, “blouse”, “pants”, “pillowcase”, etc. You may have an idea of what type or style you would like to have with regards to what you have written. Now what? Something that would be incredibly helpful for your self-given task of saving more money in your shopping spree is to try and research about prices. Brands vary in the prices of their own products. Some offer similar looking products with their competition yet their prices are completely different from each other. It is good to try and look for what you like and compare each brand with one another. Maybe what you prefer ends up being more expensive than the one you compared it to. That is alright. Try to take note of them both for the meantime. After all, you are not buying them yet. You still have time to think about things. 

Set a Spending Limit

As you have taken note of your preferred items’ varying prices, it is now time to think about just how much money you are willing to spend for this shopping spree. While the goal is to save money, you still have to determine the limit you would like to give yourself as you come to purchase the products on your list. Try to take into consideration the prices of products you compared with one another. How much money are you comfortable with spending? You can also try to think about setting aside a certain amount of budget for products that are not a part of your list. After all, like what was mentioned earlier, there will always be items that will catch your eye even if you never intended to buy them. Having a set budget for those items will help you think about whether you really should buy it or not. 

Take Advantage of Sales

While your spending limit is a great way to ensure that you can save a lot of money, there is still another and more exciting way to do so–discounts. There are a lot of stores that offer a certain amount of discounts during some days of the week. Usually, you can find their advertisements for sales on the internet. It is a good idea to try and make the most out of those sales by buying on those days. Looking to see if those items you have listed are on sale at a discounted price is not only a good way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your money but it is also a great way of squeezing more things to buy in your previously set budget.

Although, there is a question that still remains. Where can you possibly find a place that offers the products that you want to purchase at a far more affordable and discounted price? Not all shopping malls offer a wide scale sale that applies to the entirety of their stores. In the venture of affordability and wide scale discounted prices, Paseo Outlets has exactly what you need. With their #OnSaleEveryDay feature present everyday of the week, you are guaranteed to find discounts and great deals in their wide selection of outlet stores every single day.

They have over 100 international brands which sell different kinds of products like bags, shoes, apparel, and many more. Some of the outlet stores that they currently have are: Sunglass Haven, 158 Designers Blvd, adidas Outlet Store, American Eagle Outfitters, Bench Depot, Brand Smart, Crocs Outlet, F & F, Fusion Outlet, Giordano Outlet, Levi’s Outlet, Marks and Spencer Outlet, Nike Factory Store, Oakley Vault, Park Outlet, Payless, Pottery Barn, Samsonite Outlet, Speedo Outlet, Sperry/Keds Outlet, The Outlet, Timberland, Time Collection, Tutto Moda, Under Armour, USDS Outlet, and west elm. All of them offer discounts ranging between 20% up to 70% off which is sure to bring you a lot of savings as you search through their stores for good finds. 

Your endeavors with retail therapy does not have to be a burden to your pocket. It should be a lot more enjoyable since that is what shopping is supposed to be like in the first place. Making a shopping list, comparing prices of products, setting a spending limit, and taking advantage of sales are just some of the few things you can do to ensure that you get the best value out of shopping and make sure that it becomes a fulfilling activity for you. 

With that, Paseo Outlets gives you a chance to have the exciting experience of purchasing items for you–and maybe for your loved ones–without the usual dread of the shopping bill that comes with it. 

You can visit Paseo Outlets at their website: for more information. You can also follow them on their Facebook page at and on their Instagram page at for more updates. You can also join their Viber Community to get updates straight to your phone.