Paseo Outlets, Your Top Outlet Mall For Safe Shopping

With the global pandemic problem gradually being solved by governments the world over, people have started coming out of their homes. With several ongoing vaccination programs going on in different regions, the Philippines has now been put on alert level 2. This means lesser restrictions when it comes to curfews and the like.

This also means that more and more people are starting to meet their friends and family whom they’ve only been meeting through Zoom or Facebook calls for roughly a year. This means people are hanging out, dining inside of restaurants (or al fresco) in one of those outlet malls.

However, just because the alert level has gone down to 2, doesn’t mean that there’s no risk of getting the dreaded COVID-19 virus anymore. The chance of getting it is still relatively high, especially if people don’t follow guidelines that help prevent its spread.. The best way to stay safe besides following health guidelines and protocols? Select a spot that’s going to help you stay safe from the virus – and Paseo Outlets, your top outlet lifestyle mall for safe shopping, has you covered.

Wide Open Spaces

Without a doubt, compared to the rest of the shopping malls in the Philippines, Paseo Outlets, has among the widest and greenest spaces available. Why is this a good thing and how is it relevant to the pandemic? 

Considering the nature of the COVID-19 virus, being in close proximity to other individuals creates a higher risk of getting infected. So staying in places that are well-ventilated and open.

Enforced Safety Protocols

Just like any good shopping mall, the staff of Paseo Outlets strictly enforce the usage of face masks inside the premises. Right from the moment they enter the premises of the mall until they get inside the stores,proper wearing of masks is a must.

Social distancing is observed for the purposes of safety and hygiene for patrons and customers of the store. This enforcement of rules isn’t exclusive for the customers.  It is also strongly encouraged by admin for retail stores to follow the same health and safety protocols (social distancing, etc).

Regularly Sanitized Areas

At the end of the day, a clean and sanitized outlet mall is a safe outlet mall. More importantly, a safe outlet mall is one where you can enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones with relatively less fear.

This is why the staff in the area regularly cleans and sanitizes surfaces – floors, table tops, and any other surface where hands can potentially be placed. More importantly, there are alcohol dispensers in the washrooms you can take advantage of in case you need to have your hands quickly sanitized.

Paseo Outlets stands out as the best outlet mall in the Philippines not only because of its vigilance towards the pandemic. It’s also because it houses over 100 premium brands that range from clothing, shoes and bags, to furniture and even luggage. More than this however, it also has restaurants,  fast food,  cafes, and bars that you can take advantage of when bonding with friends and family. This makes this particular outlet mall a complete lifestyle mall that has everything you need.

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Keeping Safe While Dining In An Outlet Mall Near Me

Ever since the National Government lowered quarantine restrictions to Alert Level 2, people have been coming out of their respective homes. Whether it’s for a breath of fresh air or just a return to relative normalcy after more than a year of being stuck at home, people have started making contact with each other.

Part of this is meeting with friends and family for dining out. After a long time of only meeting in front of computers or phone screens, it only makes sense to meet in person. Of course, there’s still a modicum of risk whenever you go out to meet with someone. You might be asking yourself: “How do I keep safe while dining in an outlet mall near me?” Luckily, here are a few tips to help you do that.

Get Vaccinated

First and foremost, for the safety of yourself and the rest of the world, get vaccinated. Considering how different regions in the Philippines are already running vaccination programs, it wouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Vaccines don’t only help prevent the further spread of diseases, they also usually help neutralize symptoms. In a nutshell, they help make COVID-19 survivable for those who are otherwise healthy individuals without a comorbidity. You can learn more details about vaccines in the Philippines here.

Opt For Al Fresco Dining

In line with keeping yourself safe, it’s important to dine outdoors. Always ask your restaurant if there’s an option to eat al fresco. This is because the COVID-19 virus is known to spread more effectively in tight enclosed spaces with many people.

If there’s no al fresco option, check to see how many people are in the restaurant. If it’s crowded, it’s probably best to pick another place than to take a risk. Alternatively, wait for the restaurant to have lesser visitors so your risk of catching the virus lessens as well.

Bring Your Own Utensils

It might seem like a stretch, but bringing your own utensils can help reduce the risk of catching anything. Not only is it safer, it’s also more environmentally friendly.

If you don’t feel the need to bring any silverware, you can ask for sealed recyclable and biodegradable utensils. That way you’re sure that no one used it prior to you and that you’re being a responsible citizen of the planet.

Be Efficient

It might seem a little strange, but it’s best to be efficient in terms of time. In a pre-pandemic world, it’s okay to stay with each other for roughly half a day. But if you’re outside like in a shopping mall in the middle of a raging epidemic, it might make sense to keep tabs on the time.

While this might seem a little insincere, it’s actually much safer because you don’t expose yourself to the outside world. It’s also more intimate because you get to cut through the reintroductions and go straight to checking in on how each one is doing.

Stay In Wide Open Spaces

It’s important to stay in wide open spaces because of the nature of the COVID-19 virus. So if you’re going to pick a place to dine in, it might as well be a spot that has this. Paseo Outlets is an outlet lifestyle mall in Laguna that gives you an al fresco experience regardless whether you’re dining or browsing through its hundred premium brand catalog. Stay updated by following its social pages at:, and its Viber Community. Visit this web page for more information:

Why Paseo Outlets Is The Best Of The Outlet Malls In The Philippines

With the country being more responsive to the pandemic through regional vaccination programs and strictly enforced health safety protocols, people are starting to be more active outside. This means that they’re doing what they were doing pre-pandemic: meeting with friends, visiting family and the like.

Naturally, outlet malls and shopping malls are the most common hang out spots for these gatherings because of how versatile they are. It’s also refreshing to see brands and products in person in contrast to when seeing them on a computer or phone screen.

All things considered, out of the many outlet malls in the Philippines, there’s one that stands out. Located in Greenfield City, Paseo Outlets is a pioneer and biggest retail outlet destination in the country. It’s also arguably the best – here’s a few reasons why you should go visit Paseo Outlets.

Home Of Premium Brands

Paseo Outlets houses a lot of premium brands that range from clothing, shoes, bags, furniture and luggage. Whether you’re looking for a place to window shop or go on a brand buying binge, Paseo Outlets can give you more than a day’s worth of experience.

Some of its more popular brands include the Levi’s Factory Outlet, Nike Factory store, adidas, Samsonite, west elm, and Timberland. Other noteworthy stores are Under Armour Outlet, M&S Outlet Store, Oakley Vault, American Eagle Outfitters Outlet, The Outlet (Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy), and Crocs Outlet.

Always On Sale

What’s better than having a myriad of choices and brands to choose from while you’re in the best of the outlet malls in the Philippines? Having some of them go on sale or a discount promo on a daily basis.

Discount promos can go as far as 80%, depending on the brand and the season. Regardless whether you’re a superfan of a certain brand or someone who’s just looking for a good bargain, having regular sales seasons like this means a lot of value and a lot of money saved. There are also regularly-held mall wide sale events where you can find promo on promo or sale on sale deals.

More Than Just An Outlet Mall

One of the best traits of Paseo Outlets is its  versatility. After all, it’s not just a mecca of outlet stores and premium brands, it’s also a lifestyle center. With a wide mix of restaurants, cafes, bars, fast food favorites, gyms, salons and other services, Paseo Outlets offers more than your average outlet mall.

If you want to have a safe and scrumptious meal with friends, you have options like the Kanin Club, Pablo’s Barbacoa and Amare La Cucina and much more. Alternatively, if you feel like just having tea or a cup of coffee, you can always hang out in Cafe Breton, Macao Imperial Tea House or Starbucks. Either way, there’s a place for you in Paseo Outlets.

If you want to engage in self care, get your hair or nails done, Paseo Outlets has a list of salons and spas you can take advantage like  Skinstation and/ or Paseo Skin Care. There’s also the Artisthree Salon, the Justine Barbara Salon, the Skin Station and David’s Salon for your hair and nails.

Everything Al Fresco

Last, but most certainly not least, Paseo Outlets has one of the greenest and widest spaces in the Greenfield City vicinity. Its wide open spaces and al fresco atmosphere provide an ideal location for outdoor events like the weekend market and seasonal activities.This means that it’s your safe and ideal weekend getaway to spend time with your friends and family. 

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Money Saving Tips To Remember Before Going To A Shopping Mall

With the country now able to respond to the pandemic with regional vaccination programs and various immunization plans, quarantine has been temporarily lifted. That means more people are starting to get out of their homes and meet up with friends.

Of course, with this level of relative freedom, it’s important to still be cautious when going outside. Apart from the health and safety protocols you have to take, you also have to be aware of other potential threats that can be lurking around the area. If you’re in a shopping mall, one of these threats come in the form of unnecessary spending.

In spite of how the economy is slowly recovering, it’s still important to spend wisely. Here are a few money saving tips to remember when you’re in a shopping mall.

Have A Checklist Of Items

Aside from just being outside and seeing other people, be it strangers or friends, having a checklist of items you need to buy is important. Not only will this help you save time (another important resource that’s non-renewable), it’s also going to help you save money and from going to places where there might otherwise be a lot of people.

Unless you’re window shopping (another valid destressing action you can take in the time of a pandemic), it helps to avoid crowds or paths that other people take. So having a checklist of items and stores, in a way, also helps you avoid the threat of COVID-19.

Research Your Items

Part of being able to create a checklist of items would be to do research on what to get. If you’re a fan of a brand or a product, it helps to be aware if there’s a sale for it. This goes beyond that however, since you also want to make sure that you’re getting the most value out of it.

Check on reviews online about this specific product. Ask your peers or join a niche online group and actively ask about their opinions. Are there less costly alternatives? How do I make the most out of these items? This gives you time to deliberate on your choices and decide if it’s worth going into your checklist.

Take Advantage of Promos and Reward Cards

If you’re looking to get the most value out of your purchase without having to spend more, look up sales events going on in your area. A good way to stay updated on these sales events would be to follow your shopping mall’s social media pages. Normally, they would announce sales and discounts on a periodic basis.

Alternatively, you can visit one of the best outlet malls in the Philippines: Paseo Outlets. It houses roughly more than a hundred premium brands and the best thing about it is that there’s always a sale going on.

Opt For Paperless Payment

Last, but most certainly not least, always go for paperless payment. This doesn’t mean that you need to use your credit card more often (more to the point, using money you don’t necessarily have). 

This means using payment app options like GCash or Coins PH that you can more or less transfer the exact amount of money you need to pay for the products you’re buying. It’s also much safer since you don’t physically have to exchange bills or coins that may or may not have been touched by different people.

Paseo Outlets is one of the best shopping malls in the country for one main reason: There’s always an ongoing sale. More than just housing well-known brands, it’s turned into a lifestyle mall with a wide mix of restaurants, cafes, bars, gyms, salons and other services. Visit this web page for more information: 

If you want to keep yourself updated, follow their social pages at, and its Viber Community