Paseo Outlets, Your Top Outlet Mall For Safe Shopping

With the global pandemic problem gradually being solved by governments the world over, people have started coming out of their homes. With several ongoing vaccination programs going on in different regions, the Philippines has now been put on alert level 2. This means lesser restrictions when it comes to curfews and the like.

This also means that more and more people are starting to meet their friends and family whom they’ve only been meeting through Zoom or Facebook calls for roughly a year. This means people are hanging out, dining inside of restaurants (or al fresco) in one of those outlet malls.

However, just because the alert level has gone down to 2, doesn’t mean that there’s no risk of getting the dreaded COVID-19 virus anymore. The chance of getting it is still relatively high, especially if people don’t follow guidelines that help prevent its spread.. The best way to stay safe besides following health guidelines and protocols? Select a spot that’s going to help you stay safe from the virus – and Paseo Outlets, your top outlet lifestyle mall for safe shopping, has you covered.

Wide Open Spaces

Without a doubt, compared to the rest of the shopping malls in the Philippines, Paseo Outlets, has among the widest and greenest spaces available. Why is this a good thing and how is it relevant to the pandemic? 

Considering the nature of the COVID-19 virus, being in close proximity to other individuals creates a higher risk of getting infected. So staying in places that are well-ventilated and open.

Enforced Safety Protocols

Just like any good shopping mall, the staff of Paseo Outlets strictly enforce the usage of face masks inside the premises. Right from the moment they enter the premises of the mall until they get inside the stores,proper wearing of masks is a must.

Social distancing is observed for the purposes of safety and hygiene for patrons and customers of the store. This enforcement of rules isn’t exclusive for the customers.  It is also strongly encouraged by admin for retail stores to follow the same health and safety protocols (social distancing, etc).

Regularly Sanitized Areas

At the end of the day, a clean and sanitized outlet mall is a safe outlet mall. More importantly, a safe outlet mall is one where you can enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones with relatively less fear.

This is why the staff in the area regularly cleans and sanitizes surfaces – floors, table tops, and any other surface where hands can potentially be placed. More importantly, there are alcohol dispensers in the washrooms you can take advantage of in case you need to have your hands quickly sanitized.

Paseo Outlets stands out as the best outlet mall in the Philippines not only because of its vigilance towards the pandemic. It’s also because it houses over 100 premium brands that range from clothing, shoes and bags, to furniture and even luggage. More than this however, it also has restaurants,  fast food,  cafes, and bars that you can take advantage of when bonding with friends and family. This makes this particular outlet mall a complete lifestyle mall that has everything you need.

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