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In the olden times, people wear clothes for various reasons, not the least of which is to make sure that they’re protected from the harsh elements that can otherwise compromise their health. As history progresses and as different ideologies are shared and spread across the world, so too do the different kinds of clothing that are worn by nobles and commoners alike. During these times you can tell if someone is nobility simply by looking at the garments they have whereas today, it’s hard to tell if someone of great importance goes outlet shopping because of their otherwise simple clothing.

Back in the day, what one wears is often a symbol of one’s status in life, these days it’s often an expression of oneself. Having tattered jeans often connotes a rebellious side, wearing brightly colored fabrics can mean a brightly colored personality and so on and so forth. Perhaps, it is only in this period of human history that a particular global event has influenced fashion styles.

Over the course of a 2-year pandemic, people from across the globe have struggled to make sense of the new normal. With mostly everyone having restricted access to different commercial establishments without a face mask (and in the Philippines, a face shield), pandemic fashion is mostly composed of whatever it is you have on your closet that’s wearable and still fits you. 

Cut to 2022, where most quarantines and restrictions have been lifted, offices are opening up and working with hybrid schedules, and most people are vaccinated. Where 2020 and 2021 saw casual wear that reflects the work-from-home chaos brought about by the pandemic, 2022 sees a return to relative normalcy. Since everything is slowly coming back to what it once was, there is a sense of celebration and happiness prevalent in fashion trends lately. According to fashion expert, Ionica Abraham Lim, “Fashion in 2022 would be best described as a time for joyful expression.”

Now whether you’re going out with friends or just doing your regular shopping in Paseo Outlets, you have the liberty to express the joys of just being out and about again. So what should you wear while shopping? Here are a few considerations you can make.

Consider Your Facemasks

With COVID-19 prompting the world to purchase face masks to keep people safe from spreading it, it’s safe to say that it’s been a challenge for most people to fully express their fashionista selves. More often than not, functional face masks clash with stylish clothing. Of course, the fashion industry is quick to adapt, releasing new types of face masks that are not only stylish, but also help keep you safe from the dreaded disease.

Apart from getting an expensive designer face mask, you can choose to keep it simple and get the standard one that’s DOH approved. Perhaps the best that you can do is to buy face masks whose colors match your outfits, or vice versa.

Radiate Optimism

What’s the best way to express your joy and gratitude with the pandemic slowly being resolved? Wearing it both on your face and your body as well! 2022 sees a trend in bright colors, handcrafted textures and both digital and organic prints that all represent the light in the dark tunnel that was the COVID-19 pandemic.

So be bold and express your happiness for being free from the 4 walls of quarantine. Wear garments that have neon green, pink, blue, and yellow hues. For men, you can choose to wear sleeveless clothing, multi-colored patterns, cut-out tops, sandals, partywear, shorts and sports jackets. For women, you can wear stripes, minidresses, beachwear, popcorn tops and solar shades. All these clothes emanate a reasonable level of outlandishness and bravado that only an individual who’s been cooped up at home for 2 full years has the burning desire to express.

Casual And Functional

If you’ve been working at home, you’ve probably experienced wearing a formal top whilst wearing nothing but a simple pair of jeans or shorts for your lower torso. That’s understandable because, being in a Zoom or Skype call doesn’t require you to appear in front of your camera with your full body. This level of comfort can be considered an emerging trend when it comes to fashion sense post-pandemic.

What matters most for people these days? Comfort. And while the past few years have seen a rise in the use of tightly-fitted shirts and skinny jeans, perhaps there’s a brief return to more loose and laidback garments. So if you’re going to Paseo Outlets to shop for designer brands amidst an already hot summer, perhaps you can do so in breathable tops, light colored garments that are loose and allow for air to circulate around your body and so on.

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