Paseo Outlets: Why It’s Your Ideal Outlet Mall

Whether you’re a student or a working adult, you look forward to the end of Friday for a little break from school and/ or work. For most people, weekends are welcome havens of rest and relaxation after a long work week. Some people go to bars for quick drinks and others go straight home to prepare for their respective Saturdays and Sundays. If there’s a place most people want to hang out in however, it’s the outlet mall.

Full of establishments that provide modern day comforts, malls are great places to hang out with friends, go shopping for clothes and other essentials or just decompress after long work days. Of course, when it comes to whether an outlet mall is regularly frequented or not depends on what it offers its supposed visitors. 

As an example, one of the primary considerations of a mall should be its accessibility. Most of the time, people flock to malls closest to them. Of course, a mall is judged by its features and, the more benefits it has for its customers, the more visitors it gets. Here are a few things that constitute the ideal outlet mall.

A Place For Everyone That’s #OnSaleEveryDay

Different people have different interests, hobbies and ways of spending their respective weekends. The reason why malls are frequented during these times is because, more often than not, they have something for everyone.

Be it a place that provides sanctuary to hobbyists who have the same interests, or just a row of premium brands where people who are after the latest trends in fashion can shop around in, an ideal mall must have something for everyone.

Being home to over 100 international brands that range from clothing, shoes, bags, furniture and even make-up, Paseo Outlets has something for everyone else. If, for example, you’re an athlete and you’re looking for training or running shoes, the Nike Factory Store, Park Outlet, Under Armour and the adidas Outlet Store have a wide array of sports shoes you can choose from. There’s also Timberland, Payless, Fusion and Sperry/ Keds Outlet where you can find all manner of footwear that fits your lifestyle. 

Moving into Greenfield City’s many residential developments and needing to find a place that sells top-notch, quality furniture? Pottery Barn and west elm are waiting to help you with that in Paseo Outlets. Traveling soon and you need a tough but stylish luggage set to house your belongings as you fly? Samsonite’s got you covered.

If you’re riding the latest fashion trends, Paseo Outlets also houses brands like Levi’s Outlet, American Eagle Outfitters and Bench Depot. If you’d like more options in terms of clothing, goods and accessories, you can also check out The Outlets (Gap/ Old Navy/ Banana Republic), 158 Designer’s Blvd and Tutto Moda. If you’re looking to up your eyewear game, Oakley Vault and Sunglasses Haven are great places to start.

As mentioned earlier, the best part about Paseo Outlets is that there’s a sale going on every day. With discounts that range from 20% to 70%, not only will you be indulging your shopping desires, you’ll also save more than usual.

Scenic Development

An important consideration to make when judging if a mall is an excellent place to visit the weekends is how it makes you feel when you enter its premises. Of course, you’d like for a mall to welcome you with a pleasing ambience and an environment that highlights the best that it can offer.

During the weekends, the mall is usually full of people. So you’ll also have to consider how crowded it gets and if there’s still enough space to move around comfortably. Paseo Outlets is located in a sprawling development full of lush fields and open spaces, making it the perfect place to hang out with friends. 

Its wide spaces and al fresco setting makes it the ideal spot for events like Go Kart at Paseo which allows kids and adults to go pedal karting at the Regina Plaza from 4PM to 8PM, and Kiddie Football at Paseo which happens 3 times a week.

A Diverse Dining Experience

For Filipinos, eating is a social activity that allows people to catch up and have conversations that can otherwise be somewhat awkward if there wasn’t food involved. Dining out, specifically, is a wonderful way for families to breathe some fresh air and have some good food after 2 long years of being struck by the pandemic. For friends, it’s an awesome way to spend time with each other and tell stories of what each one was up to during quarantine and afterwards.

As mentioned earlier, different people have tastes for different things. The same can be said when it comes to food. If you’re looking for a myriad of choices that you and your loved ones can select from, Paseo Outlets is the place for you. If you’re a fan of traditional Filipino food, Razon’s and Kanin Club are great restaurants that serve delectable Filipino dishes. If you’re craving for some Korean cuisine, you can choose from Samgyupsalamat, Gohyang and Matgalne Korean Restaurant. If you’re a fan of fast food or are simply in the mood for a quick bite with friends, you can choose to go to Burger King, Kenny Rogers, Shakey’s, Bonchon, Yellow Cab, and of course, Jollibee. 

If you’re craving for freshly-made, oven-cooked pizza, Amare La Cucina is the place for you. If you’re a fan of Japanese food, Umenoya is within the outlet mall’s premises. There’s also Pablo’s Barbacoa and Cafe Breton which serve a number of delicious foods that you and your loved ones can find delightful. Alternatively, if you’re just looking for a place to have coffee or tea, you can choose between Starbucks and Macao Imperial Tea.

With a wide variety of restaurants and other dining destinations to choose from, Paseo Outlets has something for everyone. All you need to do is agree with your family and/ or friends where you’d like to go.

If you would like to know more about Greenfield City’s premier retail destination, Paseo Outlets, feel free to visit this page: For updates, follow the Paseo Outlets Facebook and Instagram Pages: and You can also join its official Viber Community

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