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How to Be Environmentally Conscious While Outlet Shopping

The world is gradually changing and, according to most scientists, not for the better. Climate change in itself is a serious problem that the world is facing and, unfortunately, it’s not high on the list of the international community’s priorities. The consequences of this man-made phenomenon is already being felt throughout the world and, in the Philippines, through stronger storms whose frequency appears to have increased over the past few years.

Fortunately however, there is hope and it lies in every single one of this world’s inhabitants. You have the power to help stave off the cataclysmic effect of climate change. All you need to do is become aware of how the environment is doing and taking a more eco-friendly approach towards everything.

This environmentalist lifestyle applies to everything from the products you choose to use down to the food you eat. It even applies to when you go outlet shopping in your nearest commercial center. In lieu of this, here are a few things to stay environmentally conscious when you’re out shopping.

Start Being Aware

The adage goes, “You can’t improve on something if you can’t measure it”. The same can be said when trying to establish and maintain a green lifestyle. If you’re not reducing your carbon footprint, you’re not necessarily putting in the effort to help save the planet.

For a more basic approach, just have an audit of the amount of plastics, fuel and other potential waste products and track their usage each month. If you’re steadily lowering the use of these materials, you’re successfully helping the environment. If you want a more detailed audit and have a more nuanced presentation of data concerning your consumption of these materials, you can also use a Carbon Footprint Calculator to compare averages.

Schedule Your Trips To The Outlet Mall

Keep in mind that whenever you go to your outlet mall of choice, you leave a sizable amount of carbon footprint behind. From the time you drive your car to the mall up to when you drive back home, there’s going to be emission to be had. There’s also the possibility of creating more waste whenever you eat out or if you choose to dispose of plastics irresponsibly.

A time-proven method to avoid this is to simply prepare for a shopping trip and schedule ahead. While it’s okay to have an impromptu shopping spree every now and then, planning one is more sustainable and responsible. A healthy shopping schedule is one that’s done twice per month to 1) replenish food supplies through grocery shopping and 2) buying necessary items like clothes, furniture and/even premium brand items.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean

When you’re in the premises of your favored outlet mall, it’s important to keep your surroundings clean. That means that every disposable item you have on you (a drinking cup from a coffee shop, crumpled and used tissue paper and random plastic used to wrap an item) should be disposed of properly in the appropriate receptacle.

If you see the same items littered on the floor, throw them into the trash can yourself. Alternatively, you can contact a maintenance person to help dispose of them properly. One way to encourage a wrong practice is not to call any attention to it so If there’s any way you can call people out for not following this simple rule, go ahead and do so. 

Utilize Reusable Bags

There’s a very practical reason behind reusable plastic bags. It saves money on the part of the grocery store or outlet mall and, at the same time, it saves the environment. Statistically speaking, using reusable bags saves you from having to use 100 to 700 plastic bags per year, making a huge impact on your carbon footprint.

Whenever you go out for groceries or for shopping, make sure to get reusable bags. Not only are they great for keeping your carbon footprint low and directly helping the environment, they’re also convenient because you won’t have to worry about how you can dispose of them. In some grocery stores, there are cashiers that specifically cater to those who have reusable bags.

Purchase Ecologically-Friendly Items

When adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle, you have to be aware of what contributes to the degradation of the planet’s health and how to stop it. In a manner of speaking, you always have to choose products that support the concept of sustainability and environmentalism.

For example, choosing organic and freshly-picked produce doesn’t only help in keeping you and your family healthy. It also helps lessen carbon footprint by both you and the store that you bought it from since it isn’t wrapped in plastic or encased in styrofoam. Going to your local farmers’ or weekend market is a great way to get organic and/ or fresh fruits and vegetables.

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