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Shopping Mall Tips: How To Make Your Shopping Experience Stress and Hassle-Free

To some people, shopping is a form of therapy. Apart from making them feel better, shopping is a way for them to just de-stress. For others, shopping can be particularly tiresome given the right circumstances. These circumstances include having to travel to and from different shops and stores while comparing prices, having to wait several hours in a queue to just view an item or check it out and/ or having to deal with high prices. There’s also the pandemic to worry about with different variants  of COVID-19 appearing every now and then. Having to take drastic measures to keep yourself and your family safe from an infection is also another consideration you need to make.

While it’s true that shopping can be done online, there are times when it needs to be done offline. For instance, there are some deals and discounts that can only be acquired by being in the mall physically. When it comes to shoes or clothes too, it’s practically better to be in the physical store as opposed to buying online because it makes sense to see  if they fit you just right rather than just base it off what you saw in your phone or a computer monitor. So it can’t be helped that sometimes you might encounter some of the circumstances mentioned above.

It doesn’t have to be tiresome; however, so long as you have a game plan in place for when you go shopping. Here are a few shopping mall tips you can do to have a hassle-free experience.

Make A List

The reason why some people find shopping to be particularly time-consuming is that they don’t necessarily have a clearly established purpose for it. Alternatively, they might have a reason for being there, but it’s vague enough that it’s easy for them to get distracted. 

If you’re someone who understands this sentiment when it comes to shopping, chances are you’ve experienced the above or you have a list that you don’t consistently follow. The trick is to create a comprehensive list with a specific budget per item and to strictly follow it.

When making this list, prioritize what you need and put your wants at the bottom. For example, food and drink should definitely be on top followed by work and home clothes. Designer brands can go on the list as well but as much as possible, only if there’s a special event coming up like a birthday or Christmas.

This list should be a guide that you follow to the letter. You’ll keep track of both your budget and your purpose of being in the mall.

Do Your Research

Before making that list, it might make sense to do your research on the items you wish to purchase. Choosing between two items that are of the same value and may or may not have the same qualities you’re looking for might take up a lot of time and can be considered a hassle. This is where online shopping might come into play. Look at reviews and see what comments have to say about these items and make a choice of what to put on your shopping list.

Research isn’t limited to the shopping items however. It should also be done on the area that you plan to shop in and the amount of traffic you can potentially encounter along the way. That way, you’re able to set your expectations on when you’ll get to the shopping mall and be able to tell where’s the best place to hang out after shopping. 

Stay Safe And Alert

Safety and security is an important factor to consider when you’re going out shopping. While it’s true that the best shopping malls have good security, there are still many external threats that need to be considered when outside. You need to stay alert and vigilant whenever you’re out and about in a shopping mall.

Firstly, carry valuables close to you and make sure that your bags and purses are closed whenever you travel in and out of the mall. Make sure too that you have emergency numbers ready on your phone or mentally memorized in case of emergency. Lastly, while not necessary, have pepper spray or any defense mechanism in your purse or bag.

Another form of external threat (and probably more relevant these days) would be COVID-19. When protecting yourself from this threat, you need to 1) get vaccinated and 2) follow safety guidelines and protocols. Do your best to practice social distancing where other people don’t and, as much as possible, follow pathways that provide optimal foot traffic for people in the mall. At the end of the day, follow the rules and protocol and you should be able to avoid the disease.


Find Your Outlet Mall


Your shopping experience can easily be dictated by the kind of mall you frequent. If your mall is the usual kind with high prices and high traffic, then it’s probably going to give you a bad experience. However, if you happen to find the right kind of mall that’s both accessible, safe and always has a sale, then it’s probably something you look forward to going to every weekend.


Enter Paseo Outlets, Greenfield’s very own outlet shopping mall located in Sta Rosa Laguna. Housing over a hundred premium international brands, it’s considered a prime retail destination for people across the region. Because of its wide open space and al fresco atmosphere, it is considered an ideal location for outdoor events like the weekend market and seasonal activities. So if you’re looking for the ideal shopping mall that’s going to consistently give you a good shopping experience, consider visiting Paseo Outlets.

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