Paseo Outlets houses over a hundred luxury brands

Why The Paseo Outlets Mall Is A Great Weekend Destination

To some people, the weekends are solely for experiencing what life outside of work is. Whether it’s going on fun trips out of town or just hanging out with friends in the mall, weekends are meant to be periods of recovery and relaxation. The Pandemic, to some extent, has changed this dynamic. Since most able companies and organizations have shifted to working from home, a lot of people find it challenging to tell the difference between life and work.

After all, it can get a little difficult to answer work-related emails when you’re just a few steps away from your office-issued laptop. Vice versa, it can be a little challenging to focus on work when you’re a few steps away from bed or with your family members around asking you questions every now and then. Fortunately, since local government units are starting to mobilize vaccination programs and are coming up with better immunization plans, lockdown restrictions can be lifted and the slow return to some semblance of normalcy is finally in sight.

That said, it pays to still be cautious when it comes to hanging out with friends and in the outdoors. Enter Paseo Outlets, one of the biggest retail outlet destinations in the country. There’s more to it than just being another outlet mall in the world, however. Here are a few reasons why Paseo Outlets is a great weekend destination.

Accessible Location

A weekend destination doesn’t always have to be an unspoiled beach paradise. In fact, one of the best ones tends to be easier to reach. As an example, Paseo Outlets is conveniently located in Greenfield City, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, close to main roads like the Sta Rosa Tagaytay Road and Laguna Boulevard. This means that, while it’s superbly accessible to those who live nearby, it’s also relatively easier to go to for those from Metro Manila.

Retail Outlets Galore

Shopping is a great way to bond with your friends and family. Not only do you get to engage each other in conversation, you also get to share your preferences and choice in terms of brands or products.

While there are many shopping centers that offer a diverse range of choices in terms of stores, Paseo Outlets remains one of the biggest outlet malls in the Philippines. Not only is it the first, it is also home to more than a hundred premium international brands. These brands range from clothing, shoes, bags, furniture and luggage.

The best part about Paseo Outlets? It’s #OnSaleEveryDay! This means that there’s always good value to anyone who’s looking for what they’re selling, bargain hunter or not.

A Nice Place To Hangout

At the end of the day, while the premium international brands and shops are nice, having a great weekend destination is all about spending it with the people you care about. Paseo Outlets, being a complete lifestyle mall, now has a wide mix of restaurants, cafes, bars, fast food favorites, gyms, salons & other services. All of which, you’re able to spend valuable bonding time with your friends in.

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