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4 Outlet Shopping Tips For The Wise Bargain Hunter

The New Year means the beginning of new and better things. Whether it’s having a bunch of resolutions listed for an individual to follow, or just being better at a few things, New Years always provide that sense of renewal and fresh starts that, admittedly people need after a grueling two years.

That said, one of the most popular resolutions people have involves their finances. With prices inflating and the economy still slowly recovering from the impact of the pandemic, it makes practical sense to save up. This prompts people to take up new and healthier habits when it comes to money in order to either save it, or make more of it. Here are a few tips to help you save more and become a wiser bargain hunter.

Determine A Goal And Commit To It

Just like most New Year’s resolutions, in order for it to be realized, it has to be turned into a goal. It’s easy to tell yourself that you’ll be more thrifty or you’ll save more money this year. Putting your goal statement into action requires you to put it on paper first and in the proper manner.

Turn your resolutions into a SMART goal – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. Firstly, you have to be specific when you state your goal. For instance, you want to save a total of Php100,00.00 when it comes to your shopping purchases. It also needs to be measurable in that there’s an amount involved, just like the above-mentioned goal. It needs to be achievable within the bounds of reality based on your financial situation. Lastly, it needs to be relevant to your purpose for having it and time-bound.

With a smart goal, you’re committing yourself to a specific result rather than just a vague idea. The fact that you can visualize what the goal looks like makes it simpler for you to take action.

Have A Bargain Hunter’s Mindset

Of course, working on your goal requires more than just complying to your action plan. You need the proper mindset of a bargain hunter. In a nutshell, your mindset affects the results you create in your life. This is why people who are confident in their own abilities often succeed in life, while others who have low drive and self-esteem tend to give up less than halfway on their goals.

What kind of mindset should you have? Essentially, any mindset that should help you achieve your goal. Overall, just having a mindset of commitment and determination should help you get what you want. Specifically, for a bargain hunter, a healthy mindset would be that there’s always a better bargain out there. This mindset will help you seek lower prices, better deals and higher discounts, helping you achieve your financial goals.

Establish Your Hunting Grounds

As a bargain hunter, it’s important to establish where you’ll find the best deals. Of course, one of the best ways to do that is through research online and by asking other like-minded individuals. After all, online shops and marketplaces have sprung up even prior to the pandemic.

However, if you’re looking for a place where there’s almost always a bargain for you, look no further than Paseo Outlets. Located in the lush plains of Greenfield City, Paseo Outlets is a popular retail destination that manages to provide a genuine experience of value shopping to customers. Housing more than a hundred premium international brands from clothing, shoes, bags, furniture and luggage, it’s easily one of the biggest and most accessible outlet malls in the Philippines.

The best thing about it? There’s a sale, a discount promo, a value offer that happens on a daily basis. Compared to regular malls, Paseo Outlets, apart from having daily discounts, there are also mall wide events that are available for a limited period. These sales promos can range from 20% to 70% off and can last for several days. If you’re a bargain hunter and if you’re looking for a place to get the best deals, Paseo Outlets is the best place for you.

Stay Updated With Local Outlet Mall Promos

When you’re looking for the best deals, it’s not enough to just have a list of places that you can visit regularly. You need to stay updated on promo events and sales promotions in order to get the best deals. It might sound like a lot of work but, thanks to digital technology, it’s easier to do these days.

By subscribing to the feeds of different malls’ social media places, you can get real-time updates on promos that are happening. If you need more information, you can also join Facebook or Viber groups created by communities whose members are composed of like-minded people looking for the best bargains. At the end of the day, staying updated can help you save more money and get more value out of it.

Regardless whether it’s the New Year or the middle of the year, being a wiser bargain hunter is an ongoing process. At the end of the day, it all boils down to how committed you are to your goals and how much you want to save/ make money.

If you want more information regarding Paseo Outlets, visit this page: For updates, follow the Paseo Outlets Facebook and Instagram Pages: and You can also join its official Viber Community


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