Staying Safe In A Shopping Center In Spite Of A Pandemic

Considering the recent establishment of the Philippines’ 3rd ECQ ever since the pandemic started in 2020, it’s almost always inevitable that people will be going out of their homes for some fresh air after it gets loosened. Whether it’s just a simple stroll down the street to the local park, or a full-scale shopping spree in the nearest mall, just being able to stretch their legs and take a breath of fresh air is rejuvenating.

Due also to the appearance of different COVID-19 strains amid several progressive immunization campaigns, however, people are still encouraged to practice various safety guidelines to prevent spread. And while a small percentage of the population has been vaccinated, it still pays to play it safe. Here are tips to stay safe inside a shopping center in spite of a pandemic.

Keep Yourself Updated

It helps to be informed about safety guidelines and other news updates pertaining to the pandemic. While this MECQ will inevitably be lifted, seeing misinformation online almost isn’t. That said, make sure that the Pages you follow in social media are reputable and credible since fake news is a persistent problem these days.

Follow news outlets and your local government’s page and, if possible, ask questions. In an information-driven world, knowledge is power, making being informed spell the difference between life and death.

Equip Yourself

Once things loosen up in terms of lockdowns, make it a mindset that whenever you’re inside the shopping center with other people, you’re exposing yourself to the risk of potentially getting COVID. Since the virus spreads through droplets, wearing a face mask and a face shield helps decrease your chances of getting it. In case of your face masks being damaged, bring some spare ones.

It helps to have clean hands when using any public utility. Always make sure you have tissues, sanitation gels, hand sanitizer and any other disinfectant with you wherever you go outside. Bringing your own hand soap can be very useful in case you need to use the comfort room.

Maintain Social Distance

Based on the international guidelines, maintaining a distance of 6 feet is strongly recommended when outside or in shopping centers. Whenever you’re in a queue or are walking through the shopping center’s corridors, do your best to maintain this distance. Almost unconsciously, other people might not follow this guideline, so it helps to be vigilant and keep your distance instead.

If you’re eating out, choose a restaurant that has less people or has an al fresco option. If you’re getting groceries, avoid the longest lines if possible. As much as possible, avoid human contact to keep yourself safe from the virus.

Choose The Right Place To Shop In

If you’re going to choose a place to hangout or shop in, choose one that’s spacious. Paseo Outlets has a spacious outdoor and sprawling green development that you can feel safe in while doing some shopping. Located in Greenfield City, Sta Rosa Laguna, Paseo Outlets is more than just a large mall to take a stroll in, it is also the biggest retail outlet shopping destination in the country which provides a genuine experience of value shopping to customers.

Being a lifestyle mall that houses more than a hundred premium international brands, restaurants and services, Paseo Outlets can provide everything you need, eliminating the need to look in another shopping center. Other than that Paseo Outlet’s wide open space and al fresco atmosphere provide an ideal location for outdoor happenings that range from weekend markets to just hanging out with friends.

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