Top 4 Things To Do In Paseo Outlets During The Weekend

Ever since the pandemic rocked the world in 2020, people have been clamoring to find new and inventive ways to hang out with their most cherished friends and family. Thankfully, after several ECQs and MECQs later, National Government and LGUs rapid response and vaccination programs in place, people are allowed to go out now. Slowly but steadily, individuals cooped up in their respective homes for so long are now able to experience some semblance of normalcy in this “new normal”.

This is especially true for people in the South who have also experienced several lockdowns mandated by the government. With hope returning, Paseo Outlets, through sheer innovation and commitment to service, has now once again opened its doors to the public. Here are four things you could do during the weekends in Paseo Outlets.

Shopping Therapy

Over the course of the pandemic, people used to shop online through various apps and merchant websites. Paseo Outlets itself launched a campaign that allowed buyers to call a retail outlet of their choice, coordinate pickup schedules and get their items straight from the store.

What do you do in a premier establishment that houses designer brand retail outlets that offer arguably the best deals in the region for your preferred brand? Shop of course! Now that things have loosened up in terms of quarantine, you can now go straight to the outlet and buy items physically rather than just examine them from a phone screen.

Nike Factory Store, adidas, Oakley Vault, Park Outlet, Timberland, Fusion and Skechers offer great deals for your favorite brand of sports shoes and sportswear..There’s also American Eagle Outfitters, Levi’s Outlet Store, The Outlet (The Outlet houses Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic) that offer clothing, shoes and accessories for men and women that you can peruse. You can also visit Bench Depots 1 and 2 for your standard Bench product binge. It also houses other international brands distributed by Bench like Charles & Keith, Cotton On and Mothercare. There’s also Pottery Barn, west elm for your home furniture and decor needs and Matimco, MacDesign and Ace Hardware for your home repair and improvement requirements.

You can also find other designer brands like M&S, Debenhams, F&F, Crocs, Tutto Moda and other shops that also offer deals and discounts on their latest releases.

Indulge In Self-Care

After a long year and a half of being indoors due to the quarantine, self-care can sometimes be neglected. While there are some DIY ways to take better care of your skin and your general health, it could only do so much. After all, while you can order moisturizers and products that help you glow and feel better online, you can’t necessarily conduct a dental procedure on yourself. Nothing beats work done by the experts.

Paseo Outlets offers a myriad of beauty and wellness boutiques and services in its halls. For starters, you could visit the various salons for men and women to get your hair and nails styled. David’s Salon, Justine Barbara Salon for Men & Women and Artisthree Salon are a few of the salons in the area.

Paseo Outlets also has several dental labs and clinics you can take advantage of in case you need to have your teeth checked, namely Dent Precision, Tooth N Style, The Paseo Dental Clinic and Worthy Smile Dental Clinic.

Wine And Dine

Eating is considered a social activity, especially in the Philippines where, almost always the immediate result of a milestone or success is an eat-out to celebrate. If you’re wondering where to eat out in South Luzon, Paseo Outlets has several answers for you.

First off, you can enjoy quality eats at Kenny Rogers’ Roasters or Yellow Cab for a little family time. If Korean cuisine seems to appeal more to your taste buds, you can visit the Gohyang Korean Restaurant or Bonchon Chicken or Samgyupsalamat, Matgalne Korean Restaurant (Samgyupsalamat and Matgalne offers the typical unli samgyup). If you prefer a more Filipino taste, Kanin Club and Chorizo de Cebu are the best places to go to experience that authentic Filipino cooking. With restaurants like Amare La Cucina (Italian), Pablo’s Barbacoa (Portuguese) and Umenoya Japanese Restaurant, you have a world-class selection of food places you can dine in.

If you want to hang out with friends and do more talking than eating (or drinking), Starbucks, Macao Imperial Tea House and Two Cold Yogurt are great places to pay a visit.

Hang Out With Friends

Of course, after a long year and a half of just talking with friends through various online messenger platforms and Zoom calls, you would want to meet up and say hi in person. Nothing beats just being there and asking how they’ve been and how they’ve done over the course of the several quarantines. Depending on what you want to do as friends, Paseo Outlets doors are open to serve you.

As mentioned above, you can have either lunch or dinner (or both) in the various restaurants located in the area. You can have self-care sessions in the spas or salons available. You could even shop together in the different designer brand outlets in the halls of Paseo Outlets.

If you’re looking for a place to help you achieve a little rest and relaxation over the weekends, Paseo Outlets is definitely the right place for you. Boasting wide open spaces and al fresco atmosphere, you can be confident that your health and safety isn’t compromised while in the area. With over a hundred premium international brands ranging from clothing, shoes, bags, furniture and luggage housed inside Paseo Outlets, you can be certain that it has what you want and need. Visit Paseo Outlets now at Greenfield City, Santa Rosa – Tagaytay Road, Don Jose, Santa Rosa, Laguna!

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